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AKITA INU - How I Brush My Japanese Akita Dog | Grooming Routine | 秋田犬

Akita Yuki

Japanese Akita dogs shed their fur twice a year, which is called “seasonal shedding” and is due to the change of temperature. Akitas typically lose their winter coats in the spring, when it is replaced by a shorter and lighter coat for summer. In the fall, this cycle is reversed, and the summer coat is shed to make room for a thicker and warmer coat for winter.

In this video you can see Yuki’s seasonal grooming routine of us brushing out all of his old summer fur to make room for the warm and cozy winter fur and him trying out his new pet pool. After making him look presentable, he’s meeting one of his fans and possibly future prodigy, who is only 4 months old to learn from Yuki’s experience as a successful actor.







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