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Alabai mix Kangal biggest Hybrid Dog Ever

Dog Passion

CHINESE TIBETAN MASTIFF - The World's Most Expensive Dog. Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Fearless Attack. Rottweiler mix Tibetan Mastiff - Result incredible Monster. Super Strong Dogs!!! The Only Dog in The World That Can Kill a Wolf - KANGAL. Eddy Fly Dogs Attack - Turkish Dog Kangal, Alabai,Tibetan Mastiff Dog. KANGAL VS ALABAI Real huge dogs. 10 1/2 month old kangal vs.great dane/rottweiler mix,great move!!!! Alabai vs Wolf Test video part 5. Turkish Kangal vs Wolf test. ALL ABOUT THE KANGAL DOG: THE FINEST GUARDIAN DOG. ALaBai Looks Like a Huge Polar Bear , How much do they eat ? Giant Dogs of the World Part 2!!! Caucasian Ovcharka vs Wolf test. 10 MOST AGGRESSIVE DOGS YOU SHOULD AVOID.

posted by buteljkyo

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