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Not only am I a fan the the movie 101 Dalmatians but I am a bigger fan of the breed that inspired the movie.

I was able to catch up with Stacy Henderson Foster at a recent AKC Confirmation show. Her dog Fancy, won the Breed that day and it is no wonder why she is absolutely beautiful. In this video I sit down with Eleanor Green Winters, who produced Fancy and she tells me all about the Dalmatian breed.

The Dalmatian’s delightful, eye-catching spots of black or liver adorn one of the most distinctive coats in the animal kingdom. Beneath the spots is a graceful, elegantly proportioned trotting dog standing between 19 and 23 inches at the shoulder. Dals are muscular, built to go the distance; the powerful hindquarters provide the drive behind the smooth, effortless gait.

The Dal was originally bred to guard horses and coaches, and some of the old protective instinct remains. Reserved and dignified, Dals can be aloof with strangers and are dependable watchdogs. With their preferred humans, Dals are bright, loyal, and loving house dogs. They are strong, active athletes with great stamina—a wonderful partner for runners and hikers. 10 Largest Dog Breeds You Can Own. Funny Dalmatian parents play while their 12 kids watch and learn! ALL ABOUT GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. TURKISH KANGAL DOGS - ANATOLIAN SHEPHERDS - SIX THOUSAND YEARS OF LIVESTOCK GUARDING PERFECTED. ALL ABOUT BLUETICK COONHOUND. ALL ABOUT VIZSLA: HUNGARIAN SPORTING DOG. 40 Dog Breeds Before and After Growing Up | Puppy to Adult HD. Cutest Funniest Dalmatian Puppies Compilation. Rambo the smart dalmatian. Boxer Dog Breed. ALL ABOUT WHIPPETS: SWEET AND SLEEK SIGHTHOUND. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH SALUKIS: THE DESERT HOUND. MASTER DOG TRAINING LABRADORS AND DOBERMANS. ALL ABOUT GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS VERSATILE HUNTER. A Morning With Two Dalmatians.

posted by butassisly

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