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The Kangal Dog is well known and very popular on the internet for being a fighting dog. The reality is that the breed has developed over hundreds of years as a Livestock Guardian Dog. While the occasional honor fight may have occurred amongst shepherd, the breed's primary purpose was to defend and if necessary fight of large predators like wolves and bears, in it's home region of Sivas, Turkey.

For hundreds of years the Kangal Dogs have fought deadly battles with large predators. Well on Evans Mill Cattle Ranch, the work may not be as deadly but the name of the game is still protection. Elisabeth Jensen and Marc Guilfoil employ six Kangals, to protect their cattle and keep the grounds of their ninety acre ranch in order.
On their ranch the biggest villians are Black Vultures and the always pesky Coyote.

A working Kangal on duty will station itself on a high vantage point overlooking its flock. On hot days, the dog will dig itself a hollow in the ground to keep cool. Novices learn by staying close to older dogs. The dogs will work in pairs or teams depending on the size of the flock, taking up positions around the sheep and changing their positions as needed. The intensity of their patrols around the sheep increases at nightfall. BORDER COLLIE THE WORLD'S SMARTEST DOGS. Pacha 8 semaines, Berger d'Anatolie, Kangal, Aslanda Goutte noir (AGN). Le berger d'Anatolie. THE LIST: TOP MASTIFF DOG BREEDS. BELGIAN MALINOIS: MAN'S BEST FRIEND. KaNGaL Dog With Strongest teeth and bite Force is Hungry. 10 TANE KURT BOĞMUŞ EFSANE KANGAL - BORAN- ( Efsane Köpekler 6.BÖLÜM ) KANGAL #3 ( biggest dogs ). Kangal Puppies - Best of the Best! Kangalların Atışması ANADOLU KANGAL ÇİFTLİGİ 05545157708. TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD) [Funny Pets]. SPANISH MASTIFF: THE LARGEST DOG BREED YOU DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED. Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd - Which Dog Is Right For You. Dog vs. Coyote. FILA BRASILEIRO A BEAUTY AND A BEAST. AKITA THE JAPANESE BEAR DOG.

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