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All Lives Matter...Hopeless Dog Abandoned in the Everglades

LostPet FoundPet

Powder was found ABANDONED in the middle of the Florida Everglades. Dogs can not survive very long in these harsh conditions. One afternoon a couple was out at the boat ramps at mile marker 39 off of US Hwy 27 and they saw Powder barely able to move trying to find a comfortable place to rest. The couple tried for hours to get help and Broward Sheriff's Office responded. The deputies on scene were determined to help this poor dog and bring him to safety. Within an hour, Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue responded and agreed to take Powder into their care. As of 3/1/16, he has a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes. Please go to WWW.DezzysSecondChance.com to follow Power's progress and to DONATE what you can. His surgery alone will be extremely expensive. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!
7/22/16 UPDATE!
Click on the link below to see Powder's progress.
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posted by almanaque20893u

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