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All Sighthound Dog Breeds List (from A to Z)


All Sighthounds list from A to Z. Sighthound is a type of a dog, that hunts by sight rather than scent. Because they use sight, all the sighthounds have to be very fast dogs

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Sighthounds are the fastest dogs in the world and the famous Greyhound is part of this group. Because they need to be fast, they have lean bodies, flexible back and long legs.

Sighthounds are very old and ancient group of dogs. For example Saluki or Sloughi are very old breeds.

I mention some questionable breeds into the video. Rhodesian Ridgeback, Thai Ridgeback and Basenji are sighthounds based on some major kennel clubs while some other kennel clubs put them into different group. But since there is always at least one major kennel club (FCI or AKC) that mark them as sighthounds i decide to include all three into this video.

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Photos are from websites like Pixabay or Unsplash and they are free for commercial use and no attribution is required.

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