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All Spaniel Dog Breeds List (from A to Z)


All Spaniel Dog Breeds from A-Z. Spaniels are hunters companions. They were bred to find and fetch the game, and they are great at it.

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The exact origin of Spaniels is unknown. Some people believe, that they are from Spain and that is why they have the name Spaniels. We know, that Spaniels were here in 14th century, but their ancestry is probably much older.

Most of them are pretty stubborn dogs, but even though, they are popular as family companions nowadays. It is because, they are very affectionate and loyal dogs and of course because they look amazing! Typical characteristic of Spaniel is their long pendulous ears and superb facial expression.

They are gun dogs, which means, that they are most of the time waiting still, until the hunter shoot the gun and kill the game. After that, the Spaniel go and find the game and retrieve it to the hunter. That is why they must have extraordinary nose.

Do you have Spaniel in your life? What is your favourite Spaniel? Tell me in comments!

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