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All Terrier Dog Breeds List (from A to Z)


All terrier dog breeds list. Two words that describe terrier the best are feisty and energetic. Enjoy our video where you will find all terriers that are living or lived on this planet.

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Terriers can be desribe by these two words - feisty and energetic. They are hunters by heart, they were bred to hunt and kill vermin. There are many terrier types, from the smallest Yorkies to largest Airedales.

Terrier dogs are great companions, but because of their hunting personality and instincts, they are not that easy to train. That is why most of them are not the best choice for novice dog owners. If you are new with dogs and you want some dog from Terrier group, i would go with some smaller one.

Terrier dogs are known for being stubborn. That is why the training must be very consistent and you will have to be pretty patient. But it is possible to have obedient Terrier.

When you choose a purebred dog such as a terrier, it is crucial to work with a responsible breeder who will provide you with health clearances for the pups, and ideally for both of your puppy’s parents.

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