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Almost Dangerous 120 lb Farm Dog Wants To Attack People & Dogs

Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue VID Dog Training

Severe human aggression.
Severe dog aggression.
Established bite history.
Will lunge to bite at people and other dogs.
Pulling on leash aggressively to attack.
Lived on a farm to guard livestock.
Slept in the barn.
Very limited human contact.
No prior dog socialization.
09 - Hey Dog...You're OKAY - Diesel the Great Pyrenees - 120 lbs - AABB 6/10
Watch his amazing transformation in only 2 sessions. No treats, no meds, no restrictive collars/devices. Just a collar and a leash, that's all we need.
Rescue foster called and talked to the assistant training with a well-known 'dog aggression expert' trainer for help. They never called back.
This call was after three months with his brave foster (with over 20 years fostering experience) with little progress. In fact, the first two days, the dog had to stay in the backyard because he would keep trying to attack the foster. Then it was days more to feed the dog in her backyard.
Diesel is an almost feral Great Pyrenees that lived his entire life inside a barn to protect livestock. With very limited 'outside world' contact, the dog had no chance for survival. The dog would lunge at everybody and every dog.
Knowing all the dog's issues and the very real danger of being bitten by a dog with 400+ PSI bite strength, I said "Yes"...and being a rescue org...I provided my training session at my reduced rescue rate.
Rescue needed highly-experienced training help.
James Tsai. Canada's Dog Whisperer of Extremely Dangerous Dogs. "James walks the walk."
There is a new way to train dogs.
Viscerally Intuitive Dog ('VID') Training. Simple. Intuitive. For every dog.
From mildly dysfunctional to extremely dangerous over 150 lbs.
@hempmypet for 15% off

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