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Amazing Group Dog Mating With Free Happy Love in Summer Time and Challenge !!

Asiankiki Dog

#Asainkiki_dog #summerdogs #dogsmating #steetdogs

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Many people own pets or animals at home, and based on their culture, some countries taking much care of their lovely pets or animals, but some countries culture own pets but leave them free running outside all times and, of course, they remember their home and return but some of them lose the way and stay​​​​​ outside to survive around gargage and trash bins or starving. So apart of my collection is showing or giving some lesson to whome own this kind of pets t give a love and feed them properly.

So many dogs stay at garbage station or trash bin in the villages to feed themselves , i make some clips for showing people / pets owner about animals and domestic animals, hope they would learn something from my videos and taking more care of their pets/animals,

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