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American Akita - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about the American Akita, a loyal, protective and powerful dog breed.

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Short American Akita description:
American Akita is a powerful, large dog with sturdy appearance. Their average height should be between 2428 inches, which is 6171 cm and their weight should be between 70130 pounds which is 3259 kgs. There is quite a big size difference between the males and females.

When the American Akita is with its family, they are calm, loving, affectionate and loyal. But they are also very territorial and protective. They are not big barkers, but when there is something susspicious around the house, they will let you know, which makes them amazing watchdogs.

American Akita facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:19 Origin
0:41 Snow Lovers
0:58 Two Akitas
1:27 Webbed toes
1:50 Other dogs
2:07 Calm protectors
2:26 Clean dogs
2:47 Poker face
3:17 Family member
3:52 Size

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