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Here is Killinois Kennels Show Vlog#12 The BRC Global Dog Show in Davenport,Iowa there was American Bullies,Exotic Bullies,English Bulldogs,French Bulldogs,Shorty Bulls,all types of different breeds in the building that day,make sure you stay tuned,if you have any questions drop them in the comments and we will get back with u,thanks for watching and please SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,COMMENT,
Killinois Kennels was founded in the late 90's by Dayton Bodine. Killinois Kennels is located in the Heart of Illinois. Killinois Dogs have been sold worldwide. Although we started years before with American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies, Our Foundation American Bully Killinois D-Bo is now 16 years old. He is an amazing dog and is a legend In the American Bully world! D-Bo has produced some of the best American Bullies in the world. We have sold his puppies to people in Hawaii, Virgin Islands, and many more. We specialize in big heads,strong rears, good temperament,and healthy American Bullies. One of D-Bo's best puppies,Killinois Enzo, is an American Bully Kennel Club Champion. D-Bo also won the very first Mid-west American Bully dog show. Dayton Is a senior Judge In the Bully Registry Company. Dayton is also a judge for the International Bully Kennel Club. Dayton Judges Dog shows all over the United States, and has seen Dogs and puppies from all over the world. Killinois Kennels has been featured in American Bully magazines, such as Atomic Dog, and Keeping it Bully! Killinois Kennels fights against BSL. Our progam is aimed towards making show dogs, family dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and healthy dogs, and puppies. Our American Bullies are great around other dogs, big dogs, small dogs, big puppies, small puppies, babies,kids,adults,and elderly people. Killinois Kennels' American Bully puppies and dogs are full of drive and love! Killinois puppies are usually spoken for before they born. If you are lucky, you may come across a couple puppies for sale that have not been sold yet due to a large litter. KillinoisKillinois wants to ensure that every dog and puppy is in a perfect home for life.
A lot of people refer to American Bullies as pitbulls, or American Pit Bull Terriers. Pit bulls, APBT, have much less mass than the Ameican Bully. Pit Bulls, APBT, ae also more common. It is very common to see a Pit Bull dog or puppy for sale. Pit bulls are sold for a lesser amount than American Bully puppies or dogs. Killinois kennels has a professional dog handler and trainer, Brandy Moore, whom works with all of our puppies and dogs. Brandy has been training, and showing Pit Bulls for over 20 years. Brandy has also been breeding Champion and Grand Champion Pit Bulls for over 20 years. Killinois has love for every bully breed. Dayton judges American Pit Bull Terriers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers,Miniature Bull Terriers, Olde English Bulldogs, Shorty Bulls, Pocket American Bullies, Standard American Bullies, Miniature American Bullies, and Exotic Bullies! Most Kennels who breed American Bullies started out with Pit Bulls. As breeders of American Bullies, we are often criticized over the "look" of our dog. We strive to make sure our dogs are very well mannered and healthy. We also bring our dogs and puppies to events not dog related. We want people to understand that the "look" Or "size" of our American Bullies is just an image. After 20 years of breeding, our Pit Bulls and American Bullies have never injured a person or another animal. Killinois Kennels take pride in producing the "perfect" American Bully. Our dogs are our life!! Killinois Kennels has two huge indoor and outdoor facilities for our American Bullies. They were built to keep our dogs and puppies warm in the winter, and cool in the summer! Killinois also has 2 play yards at each facility. The yards are each an acre in size so our dogs can get regular daily exercise! American Bullies need plenty of exercise, although they love laying around on the couch, they also enjoy running, jumping, playing, fetching, weight pulling, and just being outside!

Killinois offers: Razors Edge American Bully puppies for sale
Gottiline American Bully puppies for sale
Blue Ameican Bully puppies for sale
Tri-colored American Bully puppies for sale
Fawn American Bully puppies for sale
Red Nose American Bully puppies for sale

Please watch: "Muscletone Bullys Mr.Bean American Bully Pups For Sale From Killinois Kennels"
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