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American vs. European Doberman: Which is Better?

Doberman Planet

What's the difference between an American and European Doberman? Quite a bit actually. In this video, I'll break down the physical and temperamental differences between these two Doberman variants. We'll also discuss which type of Doberman is better for your specific situation! This is a video guide for helping you decide which one you should get!

For a more in-depth guide to all the differences between American and European Dobermans, see my article here: https://www.dobermanplanet.com/differ...

As most Doberman owners know all too well, not every dog product works well for this unique breed. That's why I maintain a list of the best products I've found so far for Dobermans.

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DISCLAIMER: Much of the information in this video is a summary of the typical differences between American and European Dobermans. However, every dog is different with its own individual temperament and genetic influences. So although this information is a good starting point for your research, it may not necessarily be representative of what you'll experience with your dog.

posted by hanaleihx

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