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Animal Abuse In Gift Shops| Hermit Crabs, Turtles, Sharks, & More!

Caroline Mason

Sources For My Research:
Lori's Hartland-
One Green Planet-

I am not saying if you own hermit crabs that you are a bad person.

Also after uploading this I have heard the sharks come from being caught by fishermen in nets or their mothers are caught and babies are sold. They think it's useless to just throw them back in the ocean now that they are dead. I don't support this so I will talk about it in this video. Even though they are dead, I still believe it is cruel to sell their bodies for decoration.

On my channel you can find Pet care, Tutorials, hauls, cute pet videos & more! I currently own 3 animals! An Australian Shepherd named Toby, a little gray kitten named Juneau!, and a Cairn Terrier mix named Mollie! used to post hamster videos, but sadly after the hamsters passed away, I have started posting more cat and dog care videos! I have taken care of all sorts of animals such as hamsters, fish, frogs, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, and turtles! I also ride and help take care of horses! I have a passion for animals and hope to become a veterinarian someday!

Current Animals
Toby- 3 yr old, Australian Shepard Mix
Juneau- 8 Month Old, Chartreux
Mollie- 4 yr Old, Jack Russel Cairn Terrier Mix

Just Remember I Am Not A Vet (yet hehe), But If You Have Emergency Pet Questions Go To A Real Vet! I can't answer any medical
questions about your specific pet, I am not qualified to do so.

Thank you so much for supporting my channel it means so much to me. x

posted by mopopopoh2

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