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Animals Found In STRANGE Places!

Origins Explained

Check out these Animals Found In STRANGE Places! From a wild hippo roaming the streets to other escaped zoo animals, this top 10 list of unbelievable stories of wildlife discovered in odd places is a must see!

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10. Hanging Snakes, Mexico
There is a particular cave system in Mexico that is proof that animals are highly adaptable creatures! The José María Morelos cave near Kantemó in the Yucatan Peninsula is home to a horde of yellow-red rat snakes that have adapted to a world of complete darkness, to make the porous limestone rock cave their home.

9. Rock-Climbing Fish, Hawaii
In Hawaii, you’ll find a species of fish commonly known as the Nopili rock-climbing goby, o'opu nopili, or Stimpson's goby … (tongue twister anyone?) which basically means, “the fish that climbs waterfalls.”
These versatile little critters are an evolutionary wonder! While most of these fishes live on volcanic islands, they are in a constant battle of survival against mother nature.

8. Monkey Island, South Carolina
Have you ever heard about Monkey Island? The island in question is located in Beaufort County, South Carolina, and is situated between the Morgan and Coosaw rivers. The island is known as Morgan Island to the natives and is currently home to one of only two Rhesus Monkey colonies in the United States - approximately 3500 of these free-roaming primates rule the roost here.

7. Baikal Seals, Russia
Would you ever think to find seals in a lake?? Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, is home to the only exclusive freshwater seal species: the aptly named Baikal seals. The only other freshwater seals in the world are the Saimaa Ringed seals from Lake Saimaa in Finland, and the Ladoga Ringed seals found in Lake Ladoga, northwestern Russia. Notice they are all named after the lakes where they live!

6. Bunny Island, Japan
Okunoshima is a small island in the Inland Sea of Japan and is often referred to as Rabbit Island, or Bunny Island as I like to call it, and you can imagine why!! This island is completely overrun by rabbits!! After World War II, the island was developed as a recreational park but during the war the place was so secret it was erased from all Japanese maps. The rabbits that can be found there today are said to either be descendants from their ancestors that were introduced for experimentation or were released there by some school children.

5. Peacock Island, Germany
Pfaueninsel, also known as Peacock Island, is situated in Southwestern Berlin in the River Havel. It is believed that the island lay forgotten for a hundred years, until the Prussian King, Frederick William II, acquired Peacock Island in 1793, and build the Pfaueninsel Castle for his lover. The majestic island is of breathtaking beauty and can visitors are now welcome to explore the area at their leisure.

4. Goats of Sister Bay, Wisconsin
Sister Bay is located in Door County, Wisconsin, and is known for its beautiful marina, breathtaking shoreline, friendly lodging establishments and restaurants for everybody’s taste. It is a year-round vacation destination, with loads of festivals and activities throughout each season. One of the famous restaurants in Sister Bay is surely Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. Not only is this establishment known for its hospitality, excellent food and drinks, but also for goats on the roof.

3. Parrots of Telegraph Hill, California
Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, is home to a flock of beautiful, colorful, wild parrots. Researchers believe that an escaped pair of Cherry-headed Conures found their ecological niche on Telegraph Hill in 1990. These escapees were quickly joined by other jailbreakers, or possibly released, conures from the city, and soon the population of wild parrots has grown to gigantic flock.

2. Feral Pigs, Bahamas
Major Cay, or Pig Island, is an uninhabited island located in the Bahamas. This Island received the name Pig island, and some even call it Pig Beach, because of the colony of feral pigs that have made their home here. Legend has it that a bunch of sailors dropped the pigs off on the island with the intention of coming back later to enjoy a couple of pork chops, but never returned. Others believe that the pigs were survivors of a shipwreck and they swam to the safety of the island.

1. Hippos of Hacienda Napoles, Colombia
Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, built a luxurious estate in the country and named it Hacienda Napoles.

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