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Annie and Nancy - First time out of the puppy mill/pound


These two 3-5-yr-old puppy mill breeders were dumped at a pound in KY because they were finished breeding Schnauzers (which is a good thing.) However, the only real Schnauzer they dumped is the bigger one in this video - the smaller one is a Yorkie-Schnauzer mix. But they had papers (haha!) Their body condition shows they were bred with every heat. You can see how stained their fur is from laying in their own filth (the one peed and pooped all over her crate on the ride back to my house.) They are horribly skittish, never have they ran around on the ground on their own and experienced the world. A collar or leash is a new experience, so they've never been on a walk. They are terrified if you handle them (you have to let them approach you), and much of a rescuer's job is to help them to gain trust in humans. DON'T BUY FROM PUPPY MILLS who sell in pet stores, online, in a parking lot, or in the newspaper!!! Otherwise you're helping to perpetuate this kind of treatment of animals!

posted by haipingiep

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