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Arkansas Police Impersonator's Arrest Recorded By His Own Body Camera

Real World Police

I guess there's something about the name "Jeremy"...

On February 8, 2019 at 1:56 pm while traveling on South Pine Street in Cabot, Arkansas, Detective David Dillon of the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office observed a black Dodge Ram activate green, red, and yellow emergency lights. The vehicle then began driving in the center turn lane at "approximate speeds of 90 miles per hour," passing several cars recklessly. On the rear window of the truck was a sticker reading "Caution: Working K9,” and the front of the truck was equipped with a push bumper. Detective Dillon initiated a traffic stop, was joined by some of his colleagues, and this is what happened — as captured on the body worn camera of Jeremy Kurck.

“There were visor lights that were red and green in color. There were also several antennas on top of the vehicle. I made contact with the driver who was identified as Mr. Jeremy Kurck. I observed a badge around his neck as well as a body worn camera. I asked Mr. Kurck to turn on the lights to see if there were any blue lights attached to his truck. Mr. Kurck turned on the lights and I observed a dash camera and a mounted radar that is identical to the ones we use in our emergency vehicles.”

“During a vehicle tow inventory of the truck there were also several other items inside that resembled law enforcement equipment as well. Those items were several pairs on hand cuffs, expandable baton and holder, a taser with the warning label that says may cause death or serious physical injury, a seat organizer like we use, a flashlight, pepper spray, bear spray, a radio that had our dispatch channel programmed inside it, and a portable breath test for determining blood alcohol content.”

“Mr. Kurck was dressed in tan tactical pants and black polo which is extremely similar to the uniform that we wear at the Sheriff's Office. Mr. Kurck stated that he is a civil process server and was headed to the high school to serve a civil paper. Mr. Kurck stated he works for himself but this was his first paper to serve. Mr. Kurck was convicted of aggravated assault in 2008 and isn't allowed to serve civil process papers in the State of Arkansas. Mr. Kurck stated that he worked for ADEM. After checking with ADEM it was learned that Mr. Kurck was only an amateur radio operator for them. ADEM requested that we seize the radio and his ADEM identification card.”

“The vehicle was towed to the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office for further investigation and Mr. Kurck was transported to the Lonoke County Detention. Since Mr. Kurck's arrest, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office has received information from some Central Arkansas Law Enforcement Agencies and citizens that this individual has been making contact with the public as a law enforcement officer.”

After publicizing Kurck's arrest, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office asked the public to let them know if they had encountered Kurck impersonating a police officer. In response, the Sheriff's Office received numerous emails from members of the public and members of law enforcement regarding their encounters with Not-Officer Kurck. There's even a letter from the DEA!

All of those emails, along with records of Kurck's long history of law enforcement encounters relating to impersonation, are available to all channel supporters on Patreon now.


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