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It is always fun when I find a new way to present you guys with information. I have had countless inquiries as to what kind of raw food I feed my dog. Well in this video using the subtle technique of ASMR, I feed European Doberman Brody the foods I typically feed my dog. I am working doing this video with my dog Bernie but I can't seem to get him to eat with his head up. He literally takes the food off the dish, drops it on the floor and then eats with his head down.

If you like the video leave a comment. If the video is successful, I'd be down to do this ASMR style with different breeds and different foods. Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed - Amazing Facts. Do You Want a DOBERMAN? Check This!! How Fast can a Doberman Pinscher Run. Doberman Pinscher Raw Diet - Learning How to Feed my Dog RAW FOOD. DOBERMAN PINSCHER VS. BELGIAN MALINOIS: BATTLE OF PROTECTION DOGS. 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds Most Likely to Turn on Their Owners. THE EUROPEAN DOBERMAN PINSCHER: MIGHTY & MAJESTIC. day in the life of my doberman puppy!!! DOG TRAINING FUNDAMENTALS: LESSON 3 LURING. American Doberman vs European Doberman Difference. All About the Doberman Pinscher - Traits and Training. Doberman Puppies: Birth to 8 weeks old. things i wish i knew before becoming a young dog mom! (feat. my doberman puppy). Top of the bloodline- European Doberman -Pride of Russia SEVER ZTP. Cesar eating raw chicken.

posted by butassisly

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