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“Attempting” To Groom My Siberian Husky!!... [WITH MAGIC]


Sooo hello everyone! It’s that time of the year! We have seen mayapolarbear shedding, lifewithmalamutes and many more! Millie for the last couple of days has started losing clumps of fur starting to shed so I got my brush on! We used to take her to a proper place to get it done but she hated it. Screamed the whole time which I know huskies do but I thought I can just do it myself. I just get someone else to do her claws so I don’t hurt her! I had to speed it up a little bit otherwise it would of been about a 30 min video haha! She looks so fresh now! Plus a extra little magic trick at the end made us laugh haha hope it makes you all smile!

posted by instinctual07do

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