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Aussiedoodle - Top 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about Aussiedoodle, an intelligent and active dog breed.

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The Aussiedoodle is a hybrid breed where the Australian Shepherd is crossed with the Poodle. A rising favorite among designer dog breeders, this crossbreed combines brains and beauty for the seemingly perfect family dog.

Aussiedoodles bred from Miniature Poodles may be as little as 30 cm (12 in) tall, and weigh around 10 kg (22 lb), being fairly fine-boned and lithe, while Standard Poodles tend to produce hybrid pups between 24 and 28 kg (53–62 lb) that can be as tall as 56 cm (22 in). Larger Aussiedoodles can have quite broad, sturdy torsos and backs, while their smaller cousins are more lightly built, though not delicate.

Aussiedoodles have a moderate to high activity level. They need a good walk or active playtime each day, and they are athletic enough to participate in such dog sports as agility, flyball, obedience and rally.

Aussiedoodles are typically very smart and very trainable, as both parent breeds are highly intelligent. Even at a very young age, the Aussiedoodle will be ready and able to learn from his training.

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