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Australian Kelpie - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about the Australian Kelpie, an energetic, intelligent and alert dog breed.

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Short Australian Kelpie description:
The Australian Kelpie is a medium sized and athletically built dog breed. One of the distinctive trait of Australia Kelpies are the large prick ears. The average height is between 3951 cm, which is 1520 inch and weight between 1420 kg, which is 3144 pounds. The females are naturally little bit smaller than males.

Not only that Kelpies were bred and used in the past as amazing herders, they are still used for this purpose in Australia and in the United States. And they love it this way, this is a dog that wants to have a job in their life. Of course, they can live happily as family companions, but a lot of physical and mental stimulation is needed.

Australian Kelpie facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:22 Origin
0:48 Workers
1:07 Dog sports
1:23 Independent dogs
1:54 Part Dingo
2:11 Coat
2:33 Watchdogs
2:52 Size
3:15 Maintenance
3:44 Health

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