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Australian Shepherd - A to Z Dog Breed Information


Australian Shepherd is a herding dog breed that does not originate from Australia. They were first bred by Basque shepherds in the USA. Basque is a country in Western Europe.
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The Australian Shepherd puppy has a medium-sized, well-balanced and strong body. Its overall size is at an equal level with the body. The eyes of an Australian Shepherd look like almond and it is often seen in colors like blue, brown and amber.

The dog has straight ears that go above the head and look triangular in shape. Australian shepherd dogs have docked tails, which usually appear full and lengthy at the time of their birth.

Australian Shepherd Color
The coat colors of an Australian Shepherd puppy are normally seen in a combination comprising of

Two basic body colors such as black and liver
Two trim colors: white and tan
Merle pattern colors in two forms: blue merle and red merle
Australian Shepherd Size
The average height and weight of a male and female Australian shepherd dog:

Height – Males can grow from 51 to 58 cm whilst the females grow from a height of 46 cm to 53 cm

Weight – Likewise, the height of a male dog is between 18 to 23 kg whilst the female dog is 14 to 20 kg

Australian Shepherd Lifespan
Normally, the expected lifespan of an Australian Shepherd dog ranges from 12 to 15 years. But you must bear it in mind that this applies only to healthy and happy dogs that are grown in a good environment.
Australian Shepherd Temperament
Responsive to training
Aggressive and barks a lot (if left in loneliness)
Australian Shepherd Price:
The average price of an Australian Shepherd in the USA market is between $600 and $800. Various factors play a role in the price fixation of a dog such as its age, parents, vaccination scale, overall quality, nature of breeder who sells it and the location.
Australian Shepherd Training:
Training your Aussie is quite easy because of its intelligence, energy, and loyalty. As every dog has specific needs, you should know the training requirements of this breed!

Obedience Training

Aussies may develop bad behaviors such as nipping and chasing herding nature. Obedience training will help them to avoid these behaviors while they grow.

Early Socialization

Socializing this dog at an early age will help him to get along with other pets. As they have a herding instinct from birth, this will help it to be not overprotective.

Reward-based Training

This training works well for almost any dog breed. You can appreciate it by giving dog treats and the food they love.

This will help him to be happy and do well in trails.


Aussies are energetic breeds. They want themselves to indulge in high-energetic activities such as Frisbee, agility trails, running, etc.

Besides, this breed should get daily activities for mental stimulation. So, allow your Aussie to play for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day.

But, you have to ensure a few things while they play or do exercises.

Ensure that your dog is playing in a secure, fenced yard so that it won’t dig or jump over the yard.
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