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Australian Shepherd Puppy Miley 3 Weeks old and Family

Miley The Shepherd

Hi, i'm Miley The Shepherd. See me and my Family. We are Australian Shepherd Puppies, just 3 weeks old.

You gonna see my Mum Maxie, the best Mum of all time :) And my Aunt Ruby and her best Buddy Muffin. Enjoy and have fun, Miley

Before i forget, write me. I love getting comments...


Woof, I'm Miley The Shepherd!

Follow my journey everyone. Subscribe so That You Don't Miss a Thing! Thanks Guys. See You on The Next Video πŸ˜ƒ

More about me

Miley The Shepherd: The Cutest and Funniest Australian Shepherd dog on Youtube. She is always up for adventure. Her owner loves pranking her with costumes but also gives her the coolest toys to play with. She is living the doggy dream life! New videos every week ,
Have Fun Watching! Miley

Miley is a cute, funny Aussie puppy and together with her sisters and brothers always up to mischief. Cute dogs, pranks, dog parties, puppies and much much more! Hungry pups ! Lady and pups 7. Australian Shepherd Dog teaches Puppy to walk down the stairs! Brothers Booker & Tiberius - 9 wks old Australian Shepherds (Tiberius is Blind). No More Dog Aggression & Dog Bites - Australian Shepherd - Don Sullivan The DogFather. Australian Shepherd Puppies. Australian Shepherd Puppies - 5 weeks old - Skayes. Australian Shepherd Puppies 8 weeks old - playing. Australian Shepherd Puppies at 5 weeks old. Australian Shepherd Puppy, 8-12 Weeks. Australian shepherd first time with sheep at age 12 weeks. Aspen's Morning Routine - Australian Shepherd. Heroic police dog Finn moves the Judges to tears | Auditions | BGT 2019. My first puppy (Mini Australian Shepherd). Whimsy the Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy.

posted by Ladavazl9

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