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Australian Shepherd - Top 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about Australian Shepherd, an intelligent and affectionate dog breed.

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The Australian shepherd, despite its name, was actually developed in the United States. The name "Australian shepherd" may have reflected those who came to the U.S. after first working in Australia, but this is far from clear. They are not registered in Australia as a native breed.

This is an athletic dog of medium size and bone. The double coat is weather resistant, with the outer coat of medium texture and length, straight to wavy. The expression is keen, intelligent, and eager.

The Australian Shepherd is smart and focused, and a good Australian Shepherd can be your best friend ever, but only if you are prepared to keep him busy with dog sports. Australian Shepherds herd livestock by nipping at the animals’ heels. If they don’t have a flock to manage, they may transfer this behavior to children, other pets, and vehicles.

The Australian Shepherd can also make a super search and rescue dog, detection dog, hearing dog, assistance dog or therapy dog.

TOP 10 Australian Shepherd facts TIMESTAMPS:
0:13 Origin
1:03 Working dog
1:20 Rodeo
2:11 Family dog
2:28 Blue eyes
2:46 Temperament
3:13 Color
3:39 Living with
4:01 Size
4:27 They are shy

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