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Austrian Pinscher Dog Breed - Companion Hunter Protector


Austrian Pinscher dog breed infor. Everything you need to know about the Austrian Pinscher, a lively and friendly dog breed.

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The Austrian Pinscher descends from the ancient Austrian country pinschers that were still widespread in the second half of the 19th century and used as versatile farm dogs. Pure breeding of this breed began in 1921. The Austrian Pinscher was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2006.

The Austrian Pinscher is a medium sized dog with a pear shaped head, powerful muzzle and well muscled body. He does have a similar look to all of the Pinscher breeds. Austrian Pinscher has a thick, double coat that is straight. His topcoat is short to mediumlong. It is thick and is close fitting to his body. His undercoat is short, thick and softer than his topcoat. The Austrian Pinscher can be seen in several different colors including brownish yellow, russet gold, stag red, or black and tan. He can have white markings on his muzzle, neck, throat, chest, feet or tip of his tail but white markings are not required.

Few make better watch dogs than the Austrian Pinscher, whose distrust of strangers, endless energy, alert nature and desire to bark make him the perfect candidate for the job. Thorough socialisation from puppyhood is needed to ensure the Austrian Pinscher becomes tolerant of people other than its family.

The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher was developed as a farm dog used to guard livestock and guard the home. Without enough mental and physical exercise it will be high strung. A fearless and attentive watch dog, it will bark at suspicious sounds. His bark does not make him ideal for urban life. With the proper leadership, a job to do and the right amount and type of exercise this breed will excel. If you do not have time to extensively work with and exercise your dog, or do not fully understand canine instincts and their need to have leadership, this is not the breed for you.

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