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BALL PiT Rescue Mission!! Private Park for Adley u0026 Niko! Ultimate Family Fun THE MOViE and more


and Niko learns we don’t color on our house!!


Thanks for the invite Urban Air Clearfield:
Best Park Day Ever 1167

Nothing like starting off the day with the breakfast routine of cereal and crafts!! Welcome to another best day ever, where right away, Adley is showing us all a diy of making custom little beds for your toys. Adley's not the only one with something important to share, Niko Bear also has an important tip. For this we need to all head downstairs, because Niko turned into an artist and drew on the carpet, walls, and couch with a marker!! It's an important lesson for all of us. But of course, while were down here we have family fun pretend playing windup dolls and jumping on the bean bag.

We can't play down here all day, because we have a special family field trip planned. I reached out to my friend Matt over at Urban Air Clearfield to see if we could come play in the trampoline park and on his playground toys and he said we could. We have our own private indoor park!! Don't worry, its super safe, the sanitize and night and again in the morning and we are going to be all alone.

The kiddos couldn't be more excited!! They are running around, laughing, playing the floor is lave, and jumping into the ball pit!! It's so nice being out of the house. Jenny and I have missed going and doing fun stuff like this, the kiddos for sure have and I bet you have to. So we decide to look back at some of our favorite places to have fun, the places we want to go back to as soon as we can. Have fun reliving these amazing memories as we film a hide n seek video for Adley's channel!!

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