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Guess who the award for tallest dog breed in the world goes to? The Irish Wolfhound! If this dog has been on your radar, then know you're going to have to make room. A giant breed needs space to stretch those gangly legs, you know?
In today's video, we are going to be showing you all the wonderful things that make this breed exceptional. So, stay with us. There's plenty to learn.
Hey everybody, welcome to Pet Spot! Make sure you watch this video to the end to find out just why these dogs are not recommended for families with kids even though they're extremely sweet and loving.
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Let's get into it!
The Irish Wolfhound has all the marks of nobility with his commanding appearance and powerful posture. However, underneath all that is a sweet dog with a gentle disposition and a twinkle in his eyes.
The breed first appeared in Ireland and was primarily used for war and hunting. However, as prey animals like wild boars, deer, and wolves began to disappear in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound slowly began to go extinct. Thankfully, the breed was revived and as a result, we get to enjoy the companionship of this wonderful dog as a part of the family today.
You'd classify the Irish Wolfhound as a giant dog breed. It's the tallest of all dog breeds making it also the largest sighthound that there is.
Naturally, it requires a considerable amount of daily exercise to keep that huge body in shape. So, if you plan on getting an Irish Wolfhound, then pencil in about 40 to 45 minutes of exercise into your daily schedule.
On the flip side, though, these guys are not at all rambunctious. They are quite content with couch potato status and as long as they get their daily long walks, they won't mind lazing around all day, unless they catch sight of prey.
This brings us to their hunting instincts. Irish Wolfhounds live for the chase. They can't help it. Even with underground electronic fencing, this breed will still give chase. The threat of a momentary shock is just not enough to deter these dogs from going after prey when they sight one, so make sure your yard is fully closed and secure.
Also because of their strong hunting instinct, be sure to always walk them on a leash so they don't chase every and any moving thing, even RC cars.
That said, Irish Wolfhounds do not make great apartment dogs. First of all, there's just not enough space for this dog breed in an apartment. They need lots of space to run, preferably a yard, but as mentioned above, one with a fence to curb their chasing instincts.
Another reason these guys are not a great fit for people who live in apartments is the possible presence of stairs.
Irish Wolfhounds just aren't built for navigating stairs.
This would, therefore, mean that if they ever get sick or injured, you'd have to carry them up and down a flight of stairs. That's not exactly convenient for all parties involved.
In terms of personality, the Irish Wolfhound is gentle but also highly intelligent. They love human companionship and are very sensitive to their human's emotions.
This is why you want to use positive reinforcement when training them. Praise and food rewards work excellently but harsh words or physical punishment, as expected, do not help at all.
Now, thanks to its size and history, one might think that the Irish Wolfhound would make a good guard dog. But this isn't the case.
The Irish Wolfhound has the size for the role. He's also sharp and alert. But when it comes to aggression, there isn't a single bone in his entire body for that.
An Irish Wolfhound does not easily get suspicious and wouldn't even bark an alarm if he sees an intruder. He might be brave but he isn't at all aggressive.
The Irish Wolfhound is the poster dog for gentle giants. He gets along with pretty much everyone, other dogs, kids, and would even get along with the family cat in some cases. However, this is only as long as he is socialized early.
You need to make sure that you socialize your Irish Wolfhound early enough. If you do, he'll get along with other animals within his space.
Don't count on him getting along with other animals he finds outdoors, though.

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