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Blindfolded Dog Tricks by Jesse


Introducing, Blind Folded Dog Tricks with Jesse! Jesse has taken his amazing tricks and raised them to the next level; he can do them with a blind fold on too! Why teach blindfolded tricks to Jesse? Teaching Jesse tricks blindfolded not only is mentally stimulating, but it also requires a lot of trust for Jesse to put in me to make sure I got his back and he doesn’t run into anything while doing the tricks. It also teaches us to work better together with teamwork!

We absolutely love learning tricks together! The enhanced communication and bond from spending time together is why we learn all these tricks. We have a mutual understanding and these types of tricks strengthen our bond and trust in one another. And of course Jesse looks oh so cute in his bandana; he’s the cutest little bug ever! ❤ The Blue and White bandana Jesse is wearing is our favorite bandana from his Grandpa who brought it back from South Korea as a gift for us! It was loosely on Jesse and he could easily take it off if he wanted to. :)
We hope you enjoy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Music by: Josh Woodward "Stickybee" Check out more of his amazing music at his Website!

~I rewarded Jesse with cheese for being such a good boy! Of course he licked his lips in anticipation in a few of these clips :) Jesse doesn’t need the treats to do the tricks, but I love rewarding him for doing a great job. I figure, you wouldn’t want to work if you didn’t get paid, right? Well I love paying Jesse for a job well done with lots of praise, love, and some treats. He isn’t complaining for sure; he loves the time spent together! I love this little guy so much ♥❤♥
P.S. Jesse has some Holiday weight when a few of these clips were filmed. He is now back down to his healthy and fit body after more exercise, a healthy diet, and more tricks! No more Holiday weight ;) He’s fit, he’s healthy, and he’s BACK in Action! Many more Just Jesse videos coming VERY Soon! Thank you for supporting us over the years; we love you guys~
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