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Briard Dog Breed Information - Briard Facts


More Briard Information and Other Dog Breed Facts:'>

Find out at the Briard's or other Dogs pros and cons by the following aspects:
General Appearance (size, weight, height),
Hair and Care (coat type, colors, grooming, shedding),
Characteristics (temperament, intelligent rank, trainability, playfulness, sensitivity, affection level, social needs, barking, watchdog ability, territorial level, biting potential, mouthiness, wanderlust potential, prey drive, apartment friendliness, adaptability),
Good With (stranger, child, cat, dog friendliness),
Health Factors (health issues, life expectancy, hypoallergenic, energy level, exercise need, sleeping need, average daily dog food consumption, weight gain potential, weather and climate tolerant, stinkiness, drooling tendency),
Reproducibility (gestation length, litter size, and frequency),


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