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Briard Dog Breed Information - Briard Facts


More Briard Information and Other Dog Breed Facts: https://dogell.com/dog-breed/briard

🐶 Find out at Dogell.com the Briard's or other Dogs pros and cons by the following aspects:
- General Appearance (size, weight, height),
- Hair and Care (coat type, colors, grooming, shedding),
- Characteristics (temperament, intelligent rank, trainability, playfulness, sensitivity, affection level, social needs, barking, watchdog ability, territorial level, biting potential, mouthiness, wanderlust potential, prey drive, apartment friendliness, adaptability),
- Good With (stranger, child, cat, dog friendliness),
- Health Factors (health issues, life expectancy, hypoallergenic, energy level, exercise need, sleeping need, average daily dog food consumption, weight gain potential, weather and climate tolerant, stinkiness, drooling tendency),
- Reproducibility (gestation length, litter size, and frequency),

😜 Source: https://dogell.com/

posted by hanjalahhh

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