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British Shorthair Cat - CHARACTERISTICS and CARE


The British Shorthair cat is one of the most well-known breeds from the UK, but has become popular all over the world. It is also the oldest of the British breeds. If you have a British Shorthair cat already or are considering adopting one into your family, you will need to ensure you know everything you can about them. While every cat is an individual, there are certain characteristics, behaviors and traits of the British Shorthair cat which might be common to all. Here we also give you information on the maintenance and care these cats require to have a long and happy life, so keep watching AnimalWised to know all about the British Shorthair. shaving my cat - NEW! 12 week old kittens enjoying their dinner!! Gratuitious British Shorthair Cat Footage. IDOL British Shorthair cat: ATTACK OF LOVE HD. TRY NOT TO LAUGH - BRITISH SHORTHAIR - BEST COMPILATION 2019. Are ORANGE CATS the FUNNIEST CATS? - Super FUNNY COMPILATION that will make you DIE LAUGHING. HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOUR CAT BETTER. British Shorthair Cat (1 year old). How to CARE for a KITTEN - Food, Education and Health. How to Identify Types of Persian Cats. 3-month-old british shorthair kitten KIMI | First time at home. TOP 10 BEAUTIFUL CAT BREEDS. Fun British Shorthair cat. Our lazy girls * cattery Calmcat. Kitten care part one: preparation. British cat shorthair Oophen , the best story EVER !!

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