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🐰 Broken Bunny Rabbit | S03E05 | Bondi Vet

Bondi Vet

Two heartbroken little girls and their Mum are pleading for Dr Chris to save their beloved bunny. The family came home to find something shocking had happened to little Alice. The rabbit is the girls’ first pet and only 14 weeks old. This will be one of Dr Chris’ toughest cases.


A normally high energy coolie has been carried into Sash unable to walk. Why are Ash’s back legs paralysed and can Lisa find the answer to help the distressed dog.

Now most canines don’t like visiting the vet.
But little Lollipop has arrived at the Bondi clinic without an appointment and without an owner. Chris and Neil have some interesting ideas about how Lollipop could be useful at the clinic.
But more importantly can they find the runaway’s owner?



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