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Canis Panther - The Ultimate Guide to Panther Dog

Barking Royalty

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Canis Panther, also known as Panther dog, is considered to be the ultimate guard dog out there. And there's a reason behind it.

Canis Panther is actually a cross breed, bred from 4 different breeds: Doberman Pinscher, Labrador Retriever, Great Dane, and American Staffordshire terrier.

Considering his strong, protective genes coming from the 4 best guard dog breeds, it's no wonder that Panther dogs make the ultimate guard dogs that are getting more and more popular each year.

00:54 - History

Who stands behind the creation of this amazing breed?

Here’s the story. Canis Panther was bred in the 1970s by the then famous dog trainer Scorpio Jones and his fellow trainers L. Lopez and Michael Gypsy Stratten. The trio created it as an answer to the difficulty of finding popular working dog breeds in the U.S. such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermans. ( Yes, they were really THAT rare back then. )

So, they decided to make their own guard dog breed. And the result was this graceful breed.

01:22 - Physical Appearance

Canis Panther is an intelligent, large dog with a muscular body. Does it remind you of another breed? Well, it indeed resembles a Doberman in posture but has wider chest and jaw.

Some dog owners crop their ears and dock their tails, but that's really not necessary. Panther dogs grow to be quite big and can reach the height of 31 inches.

Their fur is short-haired, dense and smooth and is typical of black color. But, Panther dogs can also come in other colors such as brown, blue and chocolate.

Prefer a dog that doesn’t leave a lot of hair around? Canis Panthers don't shed much which makes their coat very easy to maintain.

Grooming a Canis Panther will be a real breeze.

2:10 - Temperament

Despite their distinctive, fearsome appearance, these dogs can actually be very sensitive. Canis Panther will have two personalities.

One of a tough, guard dog that would do everything to protect its family, and one of an affectionate and loyal friend that will always obey his master.

If trained well, a Canis Panther will be the most loving dog towards his big and little family members.

2:35 - Training

You'd be surprised how easy it is to train Panther dogs. They just need a firm, authoritative approach from their owner and they will quickly pick up on any command.

Just remember that you must be the one making the decisions, not your dog, and your Canis Panther will follow your lead!

2:53 Conclusion

You probably realized so far that this breed is quite fit and sleek looking. So, in order to keep their body fit and muscular, these dogs need space where they could regularly run and play.

This is why Canis Panther is usually the best choice for people that have large yards. However, it won't require excessive training, from 40 minutes to 60 minutes will be just enough.

Another great thing about Panther dogs is that they have no dominant health-related issues in their genes! If you want to keep your Canis Panther’s health at peak, you will have to ensure it gets the best, high-quality food and a regular amount of exercise.

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