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Cão do Barrocal Algarvio - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 facts about the Cão do Barrocal Algarvio, a rare Portuguese dog breed, amazing at hunting rabbits, but also superb lively and playful companion dog.

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Short Barrocal Algarvio dog description:
The Barrocal Algarvio is a rustic and athletically built breed, relatively slender, but in reality very strong. The average height of this breed is between 4558 cm, which is 1723 inch and weight between 1525 kg, which is 3355 lbs. Females are naturally slightly smaller than males.

The Cão do Barrocal Algarvio was developed in relatively warm climate and it adapts very well to high temperatures and they can stay outside all day long if they are provided with enough water and some shaded shelter. Their medium long coat provides great protection against sunburn. But these dogs will be happiest if they will have access inside the house to be in direct contact with its family.

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