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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo - Poodle Mix Breeds Comparison

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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Poodle Mix Breeds Comparison

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The Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are two of the most amazing, affectionate, and intelligent creatures on the planet. Many interchange these dogs a lot because they don’t know their differences. But if you look closely, you can see the differences.

Despite being descendants of the poodle, their appearance, personality, and temperament are different. Knowing these distinctions will give you an idea of which dog is the best pet for you. Are you ready to watch and see the difference?

Today, let's look into two of the best Poodle hybrids on the planet the Cavapoo and Cockapoo. Is one better as a watchdog than the other?

00:00 Intro
00:50 Appearance
01:42 Origin
02:27 Size
02:58 Lifespan
03:16 Personality
03:53 Shedding
04:25 Grooming
05:12 Intelligence
05:42 Trainability
06:24 Temperament
07:03 Family Life
07:48 Apartment Living
08:06 Friendliness towards Strangers
08:33 Watchdog ability
08:55 Tolerance to Weather
09:16 Health


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