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When Turkey was first settled around the 11th Century AD by migrating nomadic tribes from Central Asia, the role of the Livestock Guardian Dog was to accompany shepherds and their flocks to protect them from predators. So the Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Karabash) has been developed to perform this function ever since, and retained a distinct breed type. Kangal vs Bully Kutta - Ultimate Clash. Choosing Between a Female vs Male German Shepherd. Anatolian Shepherd Dog working. Top 10 Most Fastest Dog Breeds in the World. ILLYRIAN SHEPHERD VS ALABAI ( sarplaninac vs alabay , qen sharri vs aziat ). MY TEN FAVORITE DOG BREEDS. Top 10 Most Aggressive Small Dog Breeds in the World. KARELIAN BEAR DOG: THE BIG GAME HUNTER. Walking to the park and then playing..and guarding.... THE LIST: TOP MASTIFF DOG BREEDS. Caucasian Ovcharka vs Wolf - Difference and Comparison. kangal anatolian shepherd dogs berger d anatolie. Central Asian Shepherd Dog, 15 month,playing. 10 Most Powerful Guard Dogs. Turkish Dog Breeds.

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