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Cobrapost Expose! - Bollywood For Sale - Ep.69 #TheDeshBhakt

Akash Banerjee

Sometimes Journalism is talking about the obvious - What @cobrapost basically did was document an open secret in the world of Social Media - Celebs take cold cash for Political endorsement

Operation Karaoke exposed 36 Bollywood celebrities who were willing to indulge in propaganda politics and spread hatred through their social media accounts, be it for BJP, Congress or AAP.

In the episode 69 of #TheDeshBhakt, we compile our list of Top 10 'celebs' from the list who accepted to sell their integrity in exchange for money.

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************** Credits:************

Cobrapost Expose: Operation Karaoke :-

Jackie Shroff
Sunny leone
Shakti Kapoor
Rakhi Sawant
Amisha Patel
Vivek Oberoi
Raju Srivastava
Mahima Chaudhary
Poonam Pandey

Additional Credits

Ultra Bollywood
Zee Music classic
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