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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Guide

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Is the #englishcockerspaniel dog breed the right one for you? Discover what #cockerspaniels are really like to live with from Bill and Maureen Lumb who've owned and loved the breed for more than 40 years.

Plus, hear the pros and cons of Cockers from top canine experts - with insights into health issues, grooming and training.

The English #cockerspanielbeeed hasthe working side, which are very, very fast dogs and bred to work in the field, hard going, hate cover. And then you’ve got the show type, which are bred to look beautiful. Both sorts of Cocker Spaniels though, use their nose a lot and they use their mouth a lot. So they are definitely going to pick up everything you leave lying around the house. What’s important from a behaviour point of view is what you deal with that. So if you snatch that article off your Cocker Spaniel, the next time you go to do that some of them have been known to guard, and they’ll growl at you for that. It’s really important that you go and you take something, you do swapses, every single time you take something off your Spaniel in the house you need to swap it for something better to prevent that guarding.

Cocker Spaniels are incredibly excitable. Really need an active home. And if you don’t give them a job, particularly the working ones, they will go self-employed. And a self-employed Spaniel left alone in the kitchen is definitely not a good idea. They can destroy your home. They can climb on tables, they can get anywhere. Think about a sniffer dog looking for drugs. Well, basically it’s going to look all over your kitchen just like that. So lots and lots of mental stimulation, lots of training, and don’t do that well being left alone for long periods of time.

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