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Cocker Spaniel Dogs - Spectacular Spaniel Dog Breeds

Animal Facts

Cocker Spaniel Dogs 101
Named after their fondness for hunting woodcock, Cockers have come a long way since their primary purpose was to flush out critters of the avian variety.

These loveable little darlings have carved out a place for themselves as the quintessential family pet. Their physical beauty is undeniable. With lush locks, soulful eyes, and a longing expression that can melt the coldest of hearts, the Cocker is canine eyecandy at its best.

Let’s get to know the Cocker Spaniel.

Here's a fun fact. A Cocker Spaniel influenced the invention of Sperry Boat Shoes. Find out how.

0:00​ Introduction
0:40​ History
2:56​ Size and Appearance
4:37​ Temperament and Family Life
5:22​ Trainability and Intelligence
6:27​ Exercise Needs
7:09​ Health and Lifespan

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