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Go Groomer

Complete Dog Grooming lesson how to groom a dog from start to finish.
Did you know there is an easy way to groom a dog? Dog Grooming StepsHow to Groom a Dog from Start to Finish (give your dog a haircut) In this video "dog grooming lessonstep by step workshop" I will walk you through all the steps of a standard haircut for dogs. This demo is very informative so grab a snack and a cup of coffee and together we will walk through all the methods of a basic haircut for dogs! You may only want to learn to groom your dog at home and this video will teach you exactly how to achieve that my friend. Understanding how to cut dog hair is the first prerequisite to a successful pet trim for the beginner dog groomer. Learn to give your dog a haircut fast and easily. I will also share some of my favorite tools and products in this demo, showing you how to find pet products online that will produce winning results. Teaching you how to cut a dogs fur like a professional is my mission on Go Groomer.
Pet Grooming lessonstep by step Workshop...coming right up my friend so "Stay Put."
Here is a link to a playlist that will teach you everything you need to know about pet clippers, blades and snap on comb attachments:

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Part 1 (01:00) Pre brush for grooming. Assess the groom for this Bichon Frise

Artero flexible slicker brush:

Banish brush out spray:

Part 2 (05:30) New tools we will be using to groom Daisy

Chicago Pet Comb:

Kenchii Flash 5 Cordless Clipper:

Wahl KM10 detachable blade clipper:

Wahl stainless steal guard comb attachments:

Groomers Choice pet products:
Groomers Choice Amazon Products
Discount: 15% off all our Amazon products

Part 3 (08:34) The bathing process. How to dilute your shampoo and conditioner. Washing the face.

EZ Shed Conditioner by Natures Specialties:

Mixing bottles:

Prima Bathing System:

IGroom Facial wash:

My Sprayer Hose:

Safe Tub Leash:
Contact Raquel: (In our private Facebook group. Or, email)
[email protected]

Part 4 (17:20) Clean ears, wet brushing, and nail trimming.

Absorber Towel:
Absorber Towel (dry your dog in half the time):
Go Groomer's store link The Absorber Towel (Get yours today):

Ear Cleaner (Bark 2 Basics):

Nail Trimmer (Millers Forge):

Part 5 (23:08) How to fluff dry your dog.

Stand Dryer (Shernbao):

Groomers Harness (keep your dog safe on the grooming table):
Groomers Anchor:

Part 6 (24:46) All Clipper work.

Kenchii Flash 5 Cordless Clipper:

Attachment Combs ( for Kenchii Flash 5):

My Basic Dog Grooming Course:

Part 7 (29:43) Sanitary trimming. Feet, face, and private areas.

Blade Cleaner (Andis Cool Care):

Part 8 (33:01) All scissorfininshing work.

Sapphire Shears ( My shears made by Kenchii):

Jonathan David Lightning (Blending Shear made by Kenchii):

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