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SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science

In this funny video compilation, Slime Sam and his pet human Sue gathered all the best snack ideas and creative meals to brighten up your day. If you are looking for easy and simple recipes for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner, or what to do when bored with all the ordinary food this unique video is for you. Easy stepbystep instructions and family friendly ideas will make every meal exciting!


The secret of colorful meals is pretty simple. It's food coloring! It's completely safe for kids and their parents and can be added pretty much to anything because it mixes well with all kinds of food. Who doesn't like themselves a good old grilled cheese sandwich? But let's face it, it rarely turns out pretty and you don't make an effort to decorate it or anything. But if you give a try to this cool food hack and make your grilled cheese sandwich colorful and funny, you won't regret it and we swear, it tastes so much better! Not because of the coloring, of course, but because we eat with our eyes as much as with our mouths:)


Rainbow pancakes are a great way to learn colors! Food coloring to the rescue, of course:) Split the pancake dough between multiple small bowls and add a different color to each of them, you'll be delighted how beautiful plain pancakes can look! This recipe will be a hit with preschool kids!

You can also take a part in this pancake challenge that is still popular on YouTube, pancake art is priceless!


Macaroni and cheese? Nice, but rainbow pasta is so much more fun! Actually, we think you can make rainbow mac&cheese too, let us know if you try it! Delicious food sometimes comes from experiments;)


Have you ever tried a purple egg? And how about a blue one? You don't even need food coloring for these weird kinds of fried eggs, just some raw vegetables. Make a galaxy themed breakfast and make your family say WOW!


That's the easiest recipe of all. It's not even a recipe per se, it's just a nice way to decorate party snacks or cupcakes. Get some frosting, rainbow sour belts and let the magic begin! (You can also add candy unicorns if you have some. No, actually, send it to Sam if you have some.)


Are you tired of boring fruits and vegetables? There's an easy fix! Make fruit animals and vegetable birds! I mean, we don't know how to make birds out of vegetables but we are determined to find out:D Meanwhile, try making this adorable little owl out of apples. Please be careful when working with a knife, guys! Or better yet, ask adults to help you. The same goes for working with a hot stove or oven.


Do you wear brackets? Don't feel bad, it'll make your smile a million times better in a short period of time. This apple frog with a strawberry tongue, on the other hand, is not so lucky. Its teeth are made of sunflower seeds and don't look so pretty. But they do look funny though and from the looks of it, delicious too!


If you have an extra apple and a few grapes laying around, you have got to make this turtle. SAM ALERT: don't get attached, this fruity friend is slow but yummy so you won't have a chance to get to know it:)


What do pirates like the most? Gold? Nope. They like pineapple fish, SLime Sam got this information from a trusted source. Be a pirate and eat pineapple fish. Actually, it's a pineapple APPLE fish, but who cares? It's healthy, quick and a great snack to serve at home!

Chef Sam always has some great cooking ideas for kids of all ages. His famous recipes are known all over the world! He is the best at fruit art and always eager to share his yummy meals! Ok, that's not true, he is not big on sharing. But he is ready to give you detailed cooking instructions and let you watch him eat :D

Let us know if you have more interesting ideas!



EXPERIMENT: Hatching Eggs from a Grocery Store (Part II):

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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