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Dogs Who Proved To Be Perfect Friends For Kids


Dogs and humans speak different languages, and nowhere is this difference more clear than when kids and dogs get together. Signs of affection from kids — hugging, kissing, playing dress-up, sharing a blanket — can make dogs feel threatened. Dogs also often feel unsafe around the high-pitched voices and quick, unpredictable movements that are so natural to children. Dogs express their discomfort through signals that people often don’t recognize or understand. This can lead to a bite or nip that is neither our child’s nor our dog’s fault, but rather our own. But you won't see anything like that in this video - moreover, it will show you the best moments dogs and babies can have together. So if you are looking for a new toy for your kid, get him a dog - and you'll see how devoted and caring they can be!

posted by callipygian13v

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