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Cute brown poodle puppy BB doing cool tricks (v.2)聰明的紅貴賓


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This video contains all the tricks we have taught our 10 month old puppy. Includes: sit, lay down, shaking left paw, right paw, turning right, turning left, jump, play dead, high five, rollover, and crawling. We trained him ourselves, without any professional trainers or classes. Also visit BB's other video for his new tricks in our channel!


Oh, and a special guest appearance by our cat, Meow Meow, who usually stays away from BB unless she sees that BB is preoccupied, as he was in this case. Best toy poodle tricks!!! Adorable Caring Mother Toy Poodle & Her 1-Day-Old Puppies. 紅貴賓迪迪 - 狗爸兇狗兒子. Hearthside Poodle Puppy Getting Groomed. 강아지 앞에 스타워즈 다스베이더가 나타났더니! 강아지 깜놀반응! 절체절명의 위기 꼬니! My Toy Poodle Puppy Niko's First Day Home. Miniature Poodle Tricks #3. Poodle Puppy's first groom. New puppy addition not intimidated by giant poodle. POODLE PERFORMING AMAZING DOG TRICKS - Cookie's debut. 【壹週刊】想躺在大狗身上吃火鍋!就要來這家. our apricot miniature poodle, zwergpudel kitty. cutest little poodle with a crazy growl. 18 Standard Poodle Puppies Arrive At PRH. 紅貴賓Tomi與媽媽的對話 (會講話的紅貴賓).

posted by aclatatsgz

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