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Cute Puppy Compilation

American Kennel Club

Here are some of AKC's most adorable puppies!

These are the breeds in which they appear:

0:00 - Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund
0:02 - Golden Retriever
0:05 - Russell Terrier
0:09 - Shetland Sheepdog
0:10 - Norfolk Terrier
0:12 - Leonberger
0:14 - Portuguese Water Dog
0:17 - Rhodesian Ridgeback
0:19 - Bergamasco
0:25 - Dalmatian
0:30 - German Shorthaired Pointer
0:32 - Ibizan Hound
0:34 - Skye Terrier
0:42 - German Shorthaired Pointer
0:43 - Spanish Water Dog
0:47 - Siberian Husky

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