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Cutest 10 weeks old maltese puppy learning his first tricks 🐶

Amico The Floof

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Amico is 10 weeks old in this video, learning the basics; look at me, sit, lay down, back up, stand up, skippy (jumping forwards on two legs), crawl and spin.

For a week now, Amico has been taught the basics as "look at me" and "good" meaning treats, yummy!

He´s also been taught shaping which makes him more eager to try, and when he does something in the right direction he gets rewarded.

I use "good" as a replacement for a clicker, so at the start I just said "good" while giving him a treat very often. Each time he does what I want or in that direction I say "good" and give him a treat, and when he finally does the trick I ask for, i say "good", give him a treat while adding the command for the trick.

I´m not schooled or educated, but I wanted to share his progress!

I also want to inform you that doing tricks like walking og hind legs too often can be harmful to the dog as it´s not natural and can cause unnecessary pressure on joints an ligaments and cause inflammation etc. Therefore those kind of tricks is not going to be in his regular trick training sessions.

posted by bushati9p

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