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Day 426: Testing Tricks/Behaviors (Monthly)

Pams Dog Academy

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Every month I test a set of behaviors to look at Twix's balance, coordination, foot placement, proprioception, and over all form. He is slowly getting back to himself.

His backward circles are closer to my body. He is not swinging his left hind leg as much as he used to. He is starting to pick up his feet more.

Twix is now able to roll over nicely. His sit pretty is better and he is able to hold it slightly longer.

Twix is also able to do a few new tricks that he has not been able to do since his surgery. Do you have fleas? where he scratches from a stand. He can also bow from a down and scoot, now. One day at a time and my guy is coming back!

What you will find on this channel... Dog training tips, clicker training, "How To" train dog trick tutorials as well as "How To" videos on helping dogs with behavior problems.

I am very good at responding to questions and would love to help you train your dog in any way that I can.

I offer online classes in Clicker Training Basics, Canine Freestyle, and Play-N-Train Recalls.

Visit my website for a FREE organized video list, articles, online classes, and dog sport video titling opportunities.

Have a great day with your dog, today and everyday!
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by Pams Dog Academy

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