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DIY Dog Treat Dispenser to Make at Home 🐶🏠

Rocky Kanaka

In this video I show you how to make a DIY Dog Treat Dispenser at home for your puppy out of cardboard! Wait until you see if my dogs can figure this out. It is like a dog IQ test. Get my treats and toys for your dog here:

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DIY Dog Treat Dispenser Instructions:

Items Needed:
Ruler or measuring tape
Hot Glue Gun
3 popsicle sticks
Plastic Jar with Lid approximately 32 oz size.
1 piece of paper
2 small rubberbands

Using a ruler or measuring tape and blade, we are first going to cut all the cardboard needed!

Measure out and cut 4 pieces for sides of a funnel. 2inches (at bottom of funnel) x 3.5 inches at top of funnel x 4 inches tall.

Cut out 4 pieces for the body of the treat dispenser that is 4inches wide x 15 inches tall.

Cut out 2 pieces that are 4x4 inches, one piece will be for the base, and the other will be for the push push mechanism your dog pushes with their paw.

Cut a 5x5 inch top that will support the treat jar sitting on top of the dispenser.

Cut a 2 x 3 inch piece of cardboard that will be the cover at the bottom of the funnel.

Cut a 9 x 3.25 inch piece and 2 pieces of 0.5 x 9 inch and these 3 pieces will be for the slide the treats come down and out of.

Glue all the 4 funnel sides together with hot glue gun to make a square funnel

Cut popsicle sticks (6) 1 inch and (4) ½ inch pieces, glue the (1) 1/2 inch piece on top of the inch piece, 4 times. So you should have (2) 1inch pieces left on its own.

Take two of the ½ inch and 1inch side sticks that are already glued together and glue the ½ inch side down on the funnel so there is a gap between the funnel and the popsicle stick going up towards the wide part of funnel.

Glue (2) 1 inch long sticks to the side in between the the two other popsicle sticks so that half the popsicle stick is hanging off the bottom of the funnel.

Take a piece of paper and roll up around a pencil, tape ends shut, glue on 2x3 inch piece of cardboard to end of paper roll, this will go at the bottom of the funnel, then glue on the remaining ½ inch stick that is glued to the 1 inch stick on both ends of the 2x3 inch cardboard. Make sure the sticks are wider than the width of the funnel. ½ inch stick should be the side glued to the cardboard.Put this piece at the bottom of small funnel mouth and connect the popsicle sticks with rubber bands

On one side of the 9x3.25 inch pieces of cardboard, make a hole for the paper roll to stick out of. This will be about 10inches from the bottom and 1.5 inches in from the left.

On another side of the 9x3.25 inch piece of cardboard cut out 1x 3 inch square that is centered and 6inches up from the bottom. The ramp that will guide the treats will come out of this hole.

Glue all the funnel at the top of the front side piece and the 2 side pieces, ensuring the part of the funnel that opens faces the side with the 1x3inch hole (this is the front of the treat dispenser) and the rolled up piece of paper is sticking through the cardboard with the hole. Glue the bottom with the 4.4 inch base to all 3 sides. We will leave the back side open to ensure it is working properly before securing the back side

Glue the .5x9 inch sides to the 9 x 3 inch piece, once that is dried, stick it in the 1x3 inch hole at an angle so it goes up to the bottom of the funnel and glue the slide in place.

Then glue a 4x4 inch rectangle piece of cardboard on the end of the paper roll sticking out, this will be where the paw pushes down on the lever to let the treats out. Feel free to draw a paw print on this cardboard piece for decoration.

Cut a hole in the center of the lid of the jar wide enough for your treats to go through, then cut same size hole in the 5x5 inch cardboard top piece. Line the holes up and glue together. Fill the jar with treats, screw on the lid. Glue cardboard with the lid and treat jar on top of the funnel centered on the top of the treat dispenser so that the treats can freely go down the funnel.

Then glue a 4x4 inch rectangle piece of cardboard on the opposite end of the paper roll, this will be where the paw pushes down on the lever.

If the treat dispenser is working properly, you can glue the back side panel on, however we left ours off in case you need to fix anything with the funnel.

posted by novickaoy

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