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Dog Grooming Clipper Blades-Everything You Need to Know

Go Groomer

Dog Grooming Clipper BladesEverything You Need to Know right here, in one video! It is my pleasure to share Pet Grooming Hand Tools for the DoItYourself Dog Groomer. There are certain dog grooming tools you should have if you want to groom your dog at home successfully. Professional pet grooming tools are available to you the same as Pet Groomers. Lately many of you have asked "which clippers and blades should I use?" This video is packed full of the answers you are looking for my friends! No more frustration concerning clipper and blade problemsdog grooming for you after you watch this video. Let me explain everything you need to know about dog grooming clipper blades. Something to consider before giving your dog a grooming clipper blade dangers! There are clipper blades that you should not use on certain areas of a dog.

Wahl stainless steel snap on combs attachments are the secret to successful dog grooming.

Have you ever wondered what are snap on comb attachments? Why would you use them? Check out this video (which is a follow up to this tutorial.)

Miniature Schnauzer Breed Standard Trim:

Guide for breed trims:


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Subscribers of this channel have full access to a library of pet grooming industry secrets, tutorials, product reviews and professional instruction to grooming your pet at home. DYI guide to success! Also free instructional videos for future pet groomers! If you are considering a career in pet grooming, i will give you all the information you need to get started as a professional pet groomer! Pet groomers are in HIGH demand everywhere and you could enrich your life by taking part in that too! Pet grooming trade shows/expo's are scheduled all over the world annually, all open to the public. If you are not scheduled to attend one you are missing out on everything you need to know about the industry for a small admission fee.

Link to sign up for my virtual dog grooming course called "Comfort trim for your furry friend." ~ Enroll before October 26 and SAVE $50.00

Purchase my Shears "Sapphire" by Kenchii: Affordable with Outstanding Performance.

The Absorber Drying Towel:

Amazon Affiliate Product links:

WAHL Professional Animal Stainless Steel Guide Snap on Combs:

Andis Cool Care clipper blade spray:

Andis clipper blade oil:

Styptic Powder for Pets (nails)

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clipper:

Bark 2 Basics Ear Cleaner:

Ear Powder for plucking:

Kenchii Lightning by Jonathan David 40 Tooth Grooming Thinning Shear:

Kenchii TSeries 9.5 Inch Straight Grooming Shears / Scissors:

#1 All Systems Ultimate Poodle Comb:

Force dryer

Zoom Groom Rubber Wet Or Dry Brush Large Dogs Cats Puppies:

Comb (my favorite grooming comb) #1 All Systems Ultimate Poodle Comb:

BrushChris Christensen Big G Slicker, Medium, Coral (great for doodles):

BrushActiVet Mat Zapper Red German Grooming Brush 4.5 cm:

WAHL professional clipper:

Tropiclean Paw and Pad treatment:

Tropiclean Facial CleanserSPA Tear Stain Remover:

Tropiclean Oxy Medicated Shampoo (safe for puppies and kittens too):
Tropiclean HypoAllergenic Shampoo (safe for puppies and kittens too):

Quicker Slicker by Nature's Specialties Ready to Use Pet Conditioner, 32Ounce:

Grooming loopGroomers Helper 5/8" Professional Loop:

Barkleigh Productions Inc.(Pet grooming trade shows)

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