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Dog training to another level with malinois and german shepherd .Helper Viorel Scinteie !!!

Viorel Scinteie

Dog training to another level with malinois and german shepherd .#dog training is not only a sport is also a life style . I say all the time to my seminars , everybody is free to train a dog how he wish ...and i don t have a problem if you train soft or hard if to the final the dog look good in training or in the competition .The most dog breeds used in the modern training are #malinois #germanshepherd#dutchshepherd #boxer# or #doberman ..., important is to decide from the begining what do you want from your #dog : Is dog training a hobby for you or is your plan to make a competition with your dog .If you decide to make a competition in the future with your dog ..then the selection of your dog is very , very important . I can say the SECRET of the dog training is to be consecvent .I wish all of you ,dog trainers, good luck !!!!...#Schutzhund is a a great dog sport .#FOXsports

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My work with all dogs you can see in my videos is based on my really long experience of dogtraining. My dogtraining carrier started as a police officer and chef of the school of training dogs for fifhteen years.. In the school of training dogs I trained thousands of police officers ho were suppose to become K9 Dog handlers. My job was to train the handlers and dogs for K9 detection, tracking, obedience and offcourse protection. The breeds we trained was malinois, german sheperds, dutch sheperds and bloodhounds for tracking. The shutzhundspart has always ben my favorite part of my job, and it also became my hobby. I were National Police champion with my dogs for several years, and also won the national in IPO dog sport. Other big competiotions I have been disapating to is the FCI world championship in IPO with my dutch sheperd.

I have a big love for Dutch Sheperds and Malinois, and I were the first person to register and breed this two breeds in my country. I still breed some Dutch Sheperds and some Malinois, aproxeply I breed around one or two high quality litters every year and the dogs are sold to the police force, military and as sportingdogs all over the world.

When I train dogs I love to create high drived dogs, with a lot of confidence and speed. Tail and ears up is my cup of tea. I always make sure that the picture for the dog is really clear all the time, and in my traing i use a lot of inforcements as dogtreats, balls, clicker and offcourse my voice to create speed and desire. I plan every trainigsession before i start my training. And i put quality before quantity of training sessions with all dogs. I like to keep the dogtrainig sessions short and intence. To make sure that the dog can process all the information i proved the dog with.

This days i work full time as a helper and obedience instructor all over the world. I also train other .dogtrainers to become decoys in protection. As a few examples I have been holding seminars in China, Austria, Germany, USA, Vietnam and al ot of the Nordic Countries. I really enjoying my work, and I am so greatfull for all your invitaions for seminars year after year !!!
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