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DOG TRICKS - 20 Trick Tutorials!

Dog Training by Kikopup

20 of Kikopup’s all time favorite dog trick tutorials she has created over the last decade to help you train your dog like a professional!

The dog trick tutorials in order of appearance:
0:13 Mirroring Trick
3:30 Turn the Lights On and Off
7:43 Hugging
12:26 Bow From Stand
16:51 Bow From Down
19:28 Sword Fighting
21:20 Schutzhund Turn
22:56 Your Feet On Mine
24:16 Jump Through
29:58 Jump Through for Small Dogs
31:28 Limp in a Circle
33:25 Cover Your Nose
38:03 Head Nodding Splash Style
40:01 Dance in a Circle
43:44 Sit Pretty
51:15 Leg Weaving
56:14 Backward Weaves
1:00:48 Hold a Flag
1:02:55 Look at a Camera
1:09:15 Cross Paws
Mirroring Trick – where the dog looks left and right over his shoulder back at you

How to turn the lights on and off – a great trick as well as a service dog behavior

Hugging – How to teach your dog to hug your arm or your leg while in the sit pretty position

Bow from the stand position

Bow from the down position

Sword fighting trick – teach your dog to do a canine freestyle routine where he jumps over a sword

The Schutzhund turn a turn in rally obedience as well as a cool canine freestyle move

Your feet on mine – where the dog puts his feet on your feet

Jump Through

Jump Through for little dogs

Limp in a circle – an advanced canine freestyle dog trick

Cover your nose – an advanced dog trick that requires the sit pretty position

Splash’s Head Nodding Trick – a trick that requires the dog knows how to roll over already

Dance in a Circle – An advanced canine freestyle trick where the dog and the handler dance together

Sit pretty – a detailed video on how to teach the behavior of sit pretty

Leg Weaving – how to teach your dog to weave through your legs

Backward weaves how to teach your dog to weave backward

Hold a flag – how to teach your dog to hold something as well as how to wave a flag if your dog knows the shake cue
How to teach your dog to look at the camera – This can also be used for the “face out “ behavior where you want your dog to do behaviors in front of you without looking at you.

Cross your paws – a cute and fun trick to teach dogs and puppies

Here are links to videos I have mentioned in the tutorials:

How to teach a sit stay:

The rear end awareness exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEqQD...

how to teach your dog to spin in a circle:

Beginning paw targeting:

How to use a target stick:

Jumping hurdles over your arms while you sit:

If these were not enough tricks for you, you can check out the membership that has 53 tutorials on my website!!!! https://dogmantics.com/product/weekly...

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