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Dog Won’t Eat? 7 Ways to Overcome Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Bio Rep Animal Health

Dog stopped eating? Worry not, loss of appetite in dogs is pretty common. We've lined up some tips that can help stimulate a dog's appetite in no time.

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(1) Warm up their food a picky dog's appetite can be stimulated by smell. Warming up food tends to heighten the scent.

(2) Add chicken or beef broth Scent can be a powerful appetite stimulant for dogs because dogs feel hunger with smell. Chicken or beef broth can add delicious flavor and smell to a dog's food, making them more likely to eat.

(3) Try canned food Dog's, just like us, can get bored of their food. If you have a picky dog, try switching over to a canned or packaged food, but just be careful to ease them into it because they have sensitive stomachs.

(4) Feed by hand If your dog won't eat any food you leave out, try to hand feed some chicken or kibble. Your dog may eat.

(5) Add some crumbled egg yolk egg yolks and clarified butter (called ghee) are natural appetite stimulants for dogs. Try mixing it into their kibble or wet food when they are not interested in their usual meal.

(6) Add shredded or boiled chicken to their kibble dogs love chicken, so mixing this into their kibble can be a good way to stimulate their appetite.

(7) Don't force Loss of appetite in dogs is usually temporary. Leave the food out and maybe your dog will eat their food eventually.

Remember, loss of appetite in dogs is pretty common and can be shortterm or or longterm. If it has been more than 48 hours, you should meet with your veterinarian. There are 3 different scenarios that could be the cause:

(1) Dog has lost interest in food this occurs when a dog with a normally healthy appetite is suddenly eating a lot less or rejecting their usual portions. In these scenarios, dogs will often be open to eating boiled chicken or some of their “favorite” foods, but may reject their usual kibble.

(2) Dog has stopped eating altogether when a dog completely stops eating, this is referred to as canine anorexia. Canine anorexia is very different from human anorexia, as it has to do with loss of appetite, not any kind of body dysmorphic disorder. If a dog won’t eat at all and this lasts more than 48 hours, this could be the indication of an illness and you should talk to your veterinarian right away.

(3) Dog not eating certain foods some dogs are just picky but sometimes there are other factors at play, such as illness or tooth pain, that may prevent them from eating. You should never assume your dog is just being picky, as a loss of appetite is often a sign of an illness. If you notice a change in eating habits, you should consult your veterinarian.

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